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FONOKOLAB AT THE CAMP, What’s it gonna be?

Day one and two: We got there, we found our room, we saw it was quite small, we brain stormed on how to present Fonokolab and how to exhibit our experiences with the 6th grade class. We had a coaching session. We met the other participants. We ate in a cold tent outdoors. We slept in a hospital. The name of our room at the hospital: “Forundersøgelse” (=prior examination). On the door: a piece of paper with “Fonokolab”, handwritten. The paper was a document from 1995 signed by a family member of a Viggo Nikolajsen, born 1901, dead 1995. The document was about what Viggo left when dead: DKK 388,44, a watch.

Our exhibition: Outside the room, three walls. A wall show casing the things that the 6th graders made. A wall about Fonokolab. And a wall about the senses. Inside the room: Fonokolab, the tool. On the walls: The processes for the schools: 1) choose a theme (digestion, the Alpes, algebra, German) 2) Build an instrument, 3) Gamify! 4) etc etc.

Today, Thursday, day 3: Getting the texts and photos and objects on the walls. Prepare for tomorrow where the class will come visit us!!