Houses without walls in gated communities

The first thing that stroke me, when arriving to Cali, Colombia is the fact that

the houses don’t have walls!!

The house my wife stays in, and where I am staying untill my residency at Lugar a Dudas starts June 4, doesn’t have a wall to the patio. No wall, no doors. It’s not needed, because it is never cold, here!

The houses don’t have walls to the patio, but they do have walls to the street! And fences. Cali is a city with many gated communities.

Another thing that stroke me was the way that people are doing all kinds of things to earn a living. There is a lively  business going on around every traffic light, where people are selling lollipops, cleaning windshields, and even doing acrobatics.

What’s very much in vogue right now are yellow t-shirts, from the national football team. Everything is sports right now. In Giro de Italia, the  colombian team is winning. The owner of the house where my wife lives is super happy. Everyone is so proud about their bicycle champion, here!

Nature wreaks havoc in Cali

Read more about my experiences from my residency in Cali here.

My residency in Cali has been made possible with help from 


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