Gamifying Digestion II, the Game! Video log 9

Does gamification inspire 12 year olds to want know more about digestion? Can we make a game where sound is an essential part of the game’s dna? Do teenagers find our game design utterly boring?

See for yourself!

Check this video, and see 6th grade getting their senses awakened, and engage in our game:

So the game? In order to gamify the processe of chewing food and swallowing it, we made a sort of remix of the good old blind man’s buff, though in our version, EVERYONE is blindfolded. Here is the design:

  1. We have 2 kids who are “teeth”, 1 kid who is “tongue” (the only one who is NOT blindfolded), and the rest of the group are being divided into two groups, one consisting of “food”, and the other of “saliva”.
  2. The “food” teams up in pairs, holding arms. They want to find a “tooth”. Blindfolded, they listen for the sounds that the “teeth” make (making sounds with their knuckles.
  3. As soon as a “food” team has found a “tooth”, the “tooth” will break them a part.
  4.  Now the individual “food”s will listen for each their “saliva”, and as they find a “saliva”, “saliva + food” teams up, holding arms, raising their hands.
  5.  “Tongue”, being the only one who can see, detects the “food+saliva” couple, and guides them to the “esophagus”, – two rows of chairs or other furniture.
  6. When all the “food”s have found a “saliva”, and are seated in the “esophagus”, the game stops and “tongue” points out the winners. Applause!

After testing the game, two times with the class, we gave each of the 4 groups in the class the task of gamifying a part of digestion, drawing from our example. The goal is to present a game for the class next week.

Read more about Fonokolab at the innovation camp AFSNIT I here:

Read about the preparation for this session in our crew, and get a chance to watch an innovative process in a diverse team here.


3 kommentarer til “Gamifying Digestion II, the Game! Video log 9”

  1. Scott Nicholson about gamification in the classroom:

    “When kids make a game about a topic they are more likely to remember that topic than other forms of pedagogy. Because to make a game about a topic is like having to teach the topic, you really have to understand it well.”

    “You have to find the game in the topic … it’s the difference about being engaged in questions ABOUT the topic and being engaged IN the topic”

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