Gamifying digestion!! Video log 8

Gamification!! How can we translate knowledge about digestion into a game?

This is the question we in the Fonokolab crew asked ourselves, – and answered! – during a 3 hours long – very intense – session.

In this video, you can see documentation of the process and the result.

Witness the effect of bringing 5 people together from three continents and with totally different experiences in their lives.

We experience, how diversity equals innovation, but also the challenges of concept development in a group, and how trying your own medicine will make us much better prepared for the role as facilitators for a group of kids, – who are supposed to do like us!!

Bonus: Watch this amazing animation about the Human Microbiome:

Same video with Danish subtitles:

Read more about Fonokolab at AFSNIT I here:


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