Anthropomorfer, bugs and fixes

02-10-2011 When doesn’t find the file, when dropped,  the application is blocked for further file dropping


For windows: fix lavlyd in 2. player for iPad

change file-path things in anthropoment-buffer. WIndows refers to a folder called Anthropomorfer1.3, no subfolder called Contents. – fixed 29-08-2011

in Smartphone guide: skaerm 3 image misses

The pc’s IP address, how to retrieve it in the standalone – both for smartphones and iPad: check comment below

THe chosen name for iPad registered doesn’t appear by the recorded soundimage

jit.openexr.mxo lies in the Contents/support/ad folder in Mac. In Windows?

For Mac: when registrating iPad, give options for only 8000 and 8001; 9000 and 9001; so as to not interfere with smartphones; – fixed

The mac’s IP address, how to retrieve it in the standalone? fixed 06-09-2011 (tested for the standalone, though not in ‘foreign’ mac)


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